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How to Plan and Enjoy a Night Ride

Posted on November 4, 2019 @ 5:11 PM in Mountainbiking

Mountain biking at night is a guaranteed way to up the ante on your biking sessions. The difficulty is higher but so is the reward. Today we're looking at how to make the most of your night riding and why it's so popular.

Before putting the bike on the rack and heading out, there are a few things to prepare ahead of a night ride. It's always best to do these in daylight.

Firstly, you want to ensure you've got the right lights. You'll want lights for both your helmet and the bars. Lights on the bars will inevitably be more heavy duty (and therefore literally heavier, which you don't want on your head) so it's just a case of ensuring they're all fully charged. You should also know their burn time - how long they'll work for on full power. You don't want to be going for a spin at Davagh Forest with lights that are going to die out after half an hour. That wouldn't help anybody aiming for a PB on the Stream Trail!

You'll also want to bring your usual goodie bag of spares and back ups. Spare tubes, multitool, pump etc.

And finally, layers. Unlike ogres, humans don't have layers so you'll need to plan for the temperature dropping, particuarly if you're heading out in the winter.

One last tip. It's never a good idea to go mountain biking at dusk. Your lights won't be as effective and your eyes won't see as well


That's you good to go! Now the actual business of night riding.

Riding at night feels like you've upped the speed setting. Your lights will illuminate bits of the trail for just a few seconds at a time - the ability to 'look up' at night is greatly diminished. This increased sensation of speed added to the pitch black of night and contrast to your usual sessions on the trails will combine to make your night ride feel like it's taking part in a completely different trail.

Expect to feel like you're riding an entirely different trail centre

It introduces a healthy element of anxiety that most of us haven't felt since the early days of learning to push a bike for our first jump. And on that note - jumps are something to be extra careful with during a night ride. Any lift on your bike will create a black patch so you'll either need a friend to stand and illuminate the landing area for you or else be confident that you know the jump like the back of your hand. Even then, we'd advise caution, particularly if you're not used to night riding. 

The Chain Reaction Cycles team taking a scary night ride on the Stream Trail at Davagh Forest.

Going with mates is always a good idea with night rides. The levels of craic are raised the more people you have and if you take a spill, you definitely don't want to be by yourself. In a forest. At night. Barnett Demesne is a really popular spot with local clubs for night riding - find the nearest clubs on our website here.

The Feel Good Factor - an all girl MTB club - on a night ride

Finally, enjoy it! The sense of increased speed, slight disconnect with a familiar trail and excitement of increased difficulty contributes to an adrenaline pumping session on the bike, that will be magnified by the number of friends you have doing it. Take it easy the first few times you try it and let us know if it was a success by emailing MountainBikeNI.


Ethan Loughrey
Ethan Loughrey  Mountain Bike Officer

Hardest thing about Mountain Biking? Definitely the trees.

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