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Trails and Tribulations Part 2

Posted on October 31, 2019 @ 11:48 AM in Mountainbiking

After *mastering* the trails on two wheels, it was time to put four wheels to the test as I tried out the new mobility trail vehicles at Gosford Forest Park.

“All Out Trekking” Project has been developed by Disability Sport NI to give those with a disability the opportunity to access the countryside through the provision of a range of specialist outdoor wheelchairs and all-terrain vehicles based at Gosford Forest Park in County Armagh.

Gosford is a brilliant location with plenty of activity for all the family and now, thanks to All Out Trekking, the beautiful countryside trails are even more accessible to so many more people.

We met up with Kelley from Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council, and Brian and Aubrey from All Out Trekking/Disability Sport NI, to see how the trails compared on 4 wheels. They told us the background of the project and gave us a quick safety briefing before we got buckled in safely.

We put on our helmets, gloves and goggles and made it out into the courtyard in one piece, albeit very slowly and not at all smoothly. It was time to practice the basics of moving forwards, backwards and turning. The Quadrix’ are really light and easy to manoeuvre without having to make lots of effort. The rider can swap between forwards and backwards by flicking a switch on the handlebars and there is also the option to use a joystick instead of handlebars to manoeuvre through the trails.

Once we had the basics, we moved onto a skills course designed to mimic what would be on the trails. This can be altered and changed to suit the type of group and the guides are very patient allowing as much time as needed to learn the skills. In this section we practiced breaking suddenly, going around sharper corners and more challenging reversing.

We headed to the trails with our guide, Brian, who is amazing, and made sure that we were prepared for what we would find on the sections of the trail. We formed a single file line and headed in the forest. Compared to being on a mountain bike, you are much lower to the ground, so you get a slightly different experience and you feel like you’re in a tunnel of greenery around you. The trails are well suited to support the width of the Quadrix’ and it offers the same amount of adrenaline going around.  We stopped regularly and tested out two trails with lots of different elements such as berms, downhill sections and small steep bumps that added some extra fun to the ride.

Gosford Forest Park is a stunning location with a variety of different trails and shared paths. Through one section of the trail you can ride past Gosford Castle which recently featured in some episodes of Game of Thrones.

You really feel the fresh air on your face as you zip about and it’s an invigorating burst of activity for anyone who may have mobility issues seeking an exciting and fun day out. The ability to go around the same trails as everyone else makes it feel very inclusive and means that if there is a group of mixed abilities, the Quadrix can go along the single track with other mountain bikers; perfect for families or community groups. All Out Trekking can also be used by non-disabled members of the public if there is a mixed group or if you fancy a more leisurly trundle around the walking trails and paths, without just as much adrenaline,  there are Terrainhoppers available too. They can be seen in the video below.   

See how the pros do it in the official advert:


All Out Trekking bookings will reopen in 2020. Sessions are approximately 1.5 hours long. To find out more about All Out Trekking and to book please email or call 028 9046 9925.

For more information please visit:

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