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5 Tips to Help You at the Red Bull Foxhunt

Posted on October 2, 2018 @ 2:45 PM in Mountainbiking

This year's Red Bull Foxhunt will see 550 riders compete against each other and three of the biggest names in the world of mountain biking, who are assuming the mantle of the Foxes: Gee Atherton (Multiple World Cup and Championship wins), Loic Bruni (UCI World Champion) and Greg Callaghan (Ranked No.3 in the world at the 2017 Enduro World Series).

A daunting task for anyone - but MountainBikeNI have spoken to the one man who has won the Foxhunt an amazing 3 times; Colin "Rosco" Ross. Colin took us to Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trails, where the Foxhunt takes place, and gave us his 5 tips on how to give yourself the best chance when taking part in the mass start event.

Tip 1: Look After your Suspension


Tip 2: Go for a Thicker Tire


Tip 3: Choose Different Lines During Practise


Tip 4: Practise Your Sprints


Tip 5: Make Sure You've Enough Energy for the Race


Good luck for the big day! If you'd like more advice on the wider Red Bull Foxhunt experience, you can check out MountainBikeNI for loads of helpful tips. We'll see you all in Rostrevor.

Colin Ross
Colin Ross  World DH Master's Champion

Colin is a 3 time winner of the Red Bull Foxhunt and current Master's World Downhill Champion.

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