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Who & How to Try Out Watersports in Northern Ireland!

Posted on July 28, 2016 @ 1:09 PM in AdventureCanoeing

Watersports in NI: For Everyone, With Anyone!

Watersports in Northern Ireland are often one of those ‘hidden gems’ that people often don’t realise how enjoyable they can be - until they’re actually in the water – or how they go about participating in one. Well, FlowNI is a great initiative to get you trying them out! With lots of clubs throughout Northern Ireland welcoming new people along and offering beginners courses, many at a reduced cost and some completely free, it’s the perfect time to see just what watersports there are near you! Below we’ve listed some of the activities on offer and who you can do them with.

1)      Salty Friday’s at Quoile Yacht Club, Every Friday until 16th Sept, Downpatrick – Try it out with: The kids

Everyone jokes about owning a yacht; so why not see what all the fuss is about? This day is intended mostly for kids between the ages of 6 and 16 but adults are more than welcome as well and will be fitted out with their own keelboat.


2)      Family Canoe Trips, Saturday 30th July, 6th, 13th & 20th Aug, Portadown – Try it out with: The whole family

The picture below sums up why heading to try out one of the Family Canoe trips can be the perfect day out. Peaceful but exciting; scenic but energetic. These canoe trips will take you along parts of the countryside not normally accessible, and are something that everyone will enjoy; young and old. To make it that little bit better, it’s incredibly cheap at only £5.00 per person. 

3)      Get Going – Come Rowing, Wednesday 3rd August, 10th, 17th & 24th Aug, Enniskillen – Try it out with: Your friends

Definitely up there with some of the most popular watersports, and it’s easy to understand why. This is the perfect chance to bring a group of friends together and try out rowing on a 10 Man Bronze age curach. Not only is it a remarkably cheap evening of guaranteed entertainment at only £5.00 per person, you’ll become proficient in new skills like handling the ropes and coming into jetties – and all while basking in the natural beauty of Fermanagh coming up to sunset.


4)      Learn to Windsurf, Sunday 7th & 21st August, Craigavon Watersports Centre - Try it out with: Your friends

Windsurfing cannot be recommended enough. This course, which lasts just a few hours, will teach you everything you need to know about windsurfing. From the simple stuff of balancing on the board, to eventually sailing yourself up and around the harbour. Head along with a group of friends and enjoy laughing at each other’s attempts, before embracing the thrill of picking up a good pace and showing off.

5)       Womens Only Fly Fishing Course Sunday 14th August, & 3rd Sept, Ballyclare - Try it out with: The girls

Our final suggestion is for the girls only. This is an all-day event intended to give a group the skills to be able to go out when they want and organise their own day of fishing. Whether it’s for a friend’s birthday, a notion to try something new or with the hope of eventually joining the International Ladies Fly Fishing Team (who will be hosting the day), we know you’ll enjoy this ‘something different’ watersport.


There are lots of other training events listed on the FlowNI website for you to try including events in canoeing, sailing, water skiing, wake boarding, rowing, angling, stand up paddle boarding and diving and with no previous experience necessary there has never been a better time to get wet!

Ethan Loughrey
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