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Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive – Which Route This Year?

Posted on September 2, 2015 @ 12:50 PM in Cycling

A Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive veteran having completed the challenge for the past 2 years Andrea Harrower can’t wait to get back to Ballycastle for more this September! The question is which route should she choose?  Route 1: The Causeway Coaster (57km), Route 2: The Glens and Coast Route (126km) or Route 3: The Giant Killer (182km)?  A seasoned athlete Andrea is no stranger to a gruelling challenge however equally enjoys the stunning scenery and enjoyment of the shorter route.  So which route will she (and more importantly which one should you) tackle this year, read our latest blog to find out…

So 2013 and its stormy, ridiculous weather I completed the long 182km route, while the gloriously sunny 2014 so me tackle the short 57km route (where’s the logic eh??) ….the question is, does that mean I ride the 126km route in 2015? The Giant’s Causeway Sportive is a firm favourite in the calendar, a fabulous way to see the north coast – even in inclement weather! The world famous (thanks to the Game of Thrones) Dark Hedges are all the more atmospheric in bad conditions - honest!

Giants Causeway Coast Sportive

Some snaps and cycling selfies of Andrea taking on the Giant's Causeway Coast Sportive 

“Why are they called the Dark Hedges when they’re trees?” asked my cycling companion last year. “That’s so Irish”, he added. Needless to say he was an Englishman! Anyway, he had chosen Giant’s Casueway Coast Sportive as his first ever Sportive and had flown over from southern England for it. What a fabulous way to make a foray into the world of sportives, and it was the impressive organisation and sociable atmosphere and stunning countryside that encouraged him to enter further events back home, upping the distances big time in the past year.

As a result, he is eager to come back to do the ‘The Giant Killer in the Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive in the next couple of years – clearly I’ll be telling him to go train on Box Hill before coming to tackle Torr Head Road.

Speaking of which, I did a fab triple whammy of Torr Head on the way back from a girls weekend at the end of July on the North Coast – a weekend so full of eating, drinking and lazing that lastminute.com (as is my want!) on the drive home I decided to make a slight detour and throw my bike out of the car at Torr Head car park and do a wee hill rep session. How beautiful is that place? Spectacular. And that was on a very wet, windy and wild afternoon.

Torr Head Road isn’t the only climb on the biggie 182 km route at the Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive however, a route that is extremely testing for even the fittest of riders – but which promises unsurpassed scenery and satisfaction.

GCCSLeft - Torr Head featured in the 126km and 182km routes; Right - The Dark Hedges which riders on the 57km and 182km routes will pass through 

The same applies however to the short 57route, which is a perfect introduction to sportives for novices, as well as being a perfect ride for experienced cyclists wanting to work intensely over a shorter route, or for long distance triathletes wanting to have a different location for a spin before heading out for a run from the finish area in Ballycastle.

Indeed, all 3 routes appear to be perfect for anybody. Combine this with the efficiency and enthusiasm of the organisers, not to mention the delectable food on offer at designated stops and also at the post-event finish area, and you’re guaranteed a great day out no matter what the weather (or route!)

Book online today to take part in the 2015 Giant's Causeway Coast Sportive on 12th September.  Online entries close 12noon on 10th September. Click here for more details on each of the routes including maps. 

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