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Heading Off-Road Todd’s Leap Adventures (Part 2)

Posted on September 9, 2015 @ 11:16 AM in Adventure

 In Part 1 of the Todd’s Leap Adventure Blog series we headed to Todds leap in search of the ultimate day out...With a morning packed full of activities including clay pigeon shooting, the giant swing and drop zone we couldn’t possibly pack it all into one blog!

Having enjoyed a delicious lunch in Todds Leap’s Twisted Axle Bar & Restaurant we were fuelled for what was set to be a fantastic afternoon of even more adrenaline packed activities.

Off Road Driving Northern Ireland

Assembling in the yard we were soon joined by our instructor for our off road driving session. A buzz of excitement passed over the group as we climbed into our Land Rovers to take on the rocky Todd’s Leap terrain! Driving the 4x4’s down steep descents, up muddy climbs and through rivers, taking turns to conquer sections of the course and show off our driving skills (apparently at times inexistent!). The highlight of this activity for me was driving at close to a 45 degree angle along a sloping part of the track (not so sure my passenger’s enjoyed seeing the ground quite so close to their windows! But proof none the less that women can drive!)

With a recent extension to the off road course, even if you have done this activity before there are lots of new challenges you must come back and have a go at! Specially adapted these 4x4’s allow those with no driving experience and even children (yes even children!) to have a go behind the wheel making this an activity the whole family can have a go at!

Zip Line Northern Ireland

Climbing out of our Land Rovers we walked over to the large shipping container at the edge of the yard where we were kitted out with a harness and belay and loaded into the back of their ‘Zip Rover’, for what we were told was one of Todds Leap most popular activities with adventure seeking visitors.

The journey to the Zip Tower at the highest part of the off road track was an experience all by itself, as we held on tight over the rocky terrain we had previously driven down behind the wheel of our Land Rovers.

At its peak, the zip line hangs 50 metres above the ground and is a staggering 500m long making it Ireland’s longest zip line. From here you really do get to see the epic scale of Todd’s Leap Activity Centre! Soon we were knee trembling our way up the four flights of stairs to the top of the tower where our instructor clipped us onto the wire and guided us as we launched ourselves out over the valley high above the off road course, sailing through the skies over the impressive forest below and praying gravity would help us stop at the end.

Hill Rally Northern Ireland

Nothing could have prepared us for our final activity of the day! We had heard rumours that the Hill Rally Stage was not an activity for the faint hearted…but a must do activity for all thrill seekers! It would be fair to say that we each were experiencing a wide range of feelings from ‘nervous wreck’ to ‘bring it on adrenaline junkie’ as we harnessed up into the back of our specially prepared Rally Land Rover and listened intently to the safety briefing from our driver.

The engine roared and before we knew it we had taken off down the off road track reaching speeds of 70mph on parts of the course we had taken on earlier in the day in 1st and 2nd gear, in what now seemed like a snail’s pace! The air quickly filled with the sound of laughter and screams as we flew round corners, bounced over rough terrain and splashed through rivers. Words cannot adequately describe or do justice to this activity and the emotions stirred up. We definitely finished our day on an adrenaline high like no other!!

After a group photo we were on our way back to Belfast already planning our next visit. However, we would love to have stayed the night in the quirky onsite accommodation which takes Glamping (glamourous camping) to a whole new level. These muti coloured shipping containers have been converted to include bunk beds, ensuite bathrooms and lots of other home comforts.

Glamping Northern Ireland

Check out the latest video for a flavour of what you can expect on your next adventure to Todds Leap.

Jayne Woodrow
Jayne Woodrow  Marketing Officer & Active Clubs Coordinator for Walking

Jayne joined the marketing team of Outdoor Recreation NI in March 2014. She oversees the marketing and communication on WalkNI, OutdoorNI and Walking in Your Community Project. Most recently she has been working with Parkrun Ireland & UK to introduce the 'Walk @ parkrun' initiative.

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