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In Focus with Industry Image

Posted on May 8, 2015 @ 10:19 AM in Mountainbiking

My interest in photography began almost 12 years ago after I received a small 'point and shoot' camera as a present. Over time my passion for photographing action and extreme sports has grown and I now love the challenges they pose. 

Industry Image

My goal in creating Industryimage was to provide a photography service for events, magazines and product manufacturers. The incredible recent development of mountain biking across Northern Ireland has enabled me to really hone my skills in mountain bike photography however I also cover a range of sporting disciplines, from cyclosportives to multi-discipline adventure racers.  

Event Planning

Since my very early days as a motorsport photographer I learnt very quickly that planning for the event is the key to any successful photography shoot.

Industry Image

My typical planning for a mountain bike event would involve talking to local riders, gathering information, scrutinizing maps and even walking the track a day or two before the event, making decisions regarding the best locations of where and when to shoot each feature.  


What’s in the bag?

I’m a Canon man, that’s not to say other cameras can’t cut it, but when you decide on one manufacturer’s system then you’re pretty much on that road for life, as it would cost a small fortune to change 12 years later.  

Industry Image

My gear mainly consists of a range of lenses from 15mm right up to 300mm, with my Sigma 35mm f1.4 and my Canon 70-200mm f2.8 being my most used.  I use two camera bodies, a 1d mk3 and a 5d mk2. I also carry in my bag a set of remote flash triggers, small tripod and gorillapod, numerous memory cards, and enough flash power to light up a small stadium!  As a general rule, I would advise anyone starting out to spend their money on a good lens instead of trying to buy the latest camera body. All camera manufactures these days tend to update their range of bodies every 18 months, and hence your body will lose value very quickly, unlike your lens. I would therefore tend to buy a used camera body a few years old and a new lens.   

Mountain Bike Events

As most mountain bike events either take place in a forest or pass through one, low light can pose one of the major problems for photographers. Working in this low light environment requires me to use one or more flashguns to help illuminate the scene and the rider.  The key to using flash in this type of environment is to balance the amount of flash used with the natural or ambient light present, so as not to over-power the scene and make it look too unnatural. 

Industry Image

At these events I typically use off camera flash, meaning the flash is not mounted directly on the camera body, but is set-up and triggered remotely.  Off camera flash generally gives a more pleasing and natural result compared to on camera. As modern cameras become more sensitive and better at working in these low light environments, the need to use flash will lessen, but until then, flash is your friend.

Industry Image

Post event

After the event is over and all the photographs have been taken, my work then moves to the computer where photos are downloaded from memory cards. A process of sorting, tagging and editing of images takes place normally into the small hours of the event evening. 

Industry Image

Adobe Lightroom has been my main choice of software application over the last few years. It makes editing and cataloging of images at each event much easier and faster and allows you to return to these event images, weeks, or even years later.  When editing the images is complete, they are then uploaded via ftp to my website for client and competitor viewing.      

Industry Image

I hope this has given you an insight into the work of Industryimage, and what goes into the setup and planning of an event trip. As with most things photography is a learning process, I constantly strive to learn new things and think of ways to develop my photography business and services, my hope being, to provide the best possible captured memory for all event participants, from novice to professional. 

Warren McConnaughie
Warren McConnaughie  Industry Image Photography

Warren McConnaughie is a sports photographer based in Antrim, with a particular passion for action and extreme sports. Warren is the owner of Industryimage Photography which provides creative imagery to event competitors, product manufacturers and editorial publications throughout UK and Ireland –

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Posted by Chris Tolan on January 22, 2018 @ 6:21 AM

I know Warren Mikko. they have the huge reputation as a sports photographer.

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