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How you can do your bit to protect our local beaches this April

Posted on April 7, 2014 @ 1:39 PM in Beaches

Sarah Monaghan, on behalf of M&S, is encouraging everyone to take part in the M&S Big Beach Clean this Easter, here she talks about some of the not so obvious pieces of litter that has been found on the beach and how you can get involved to help keep our Northern Irish beaches clean.

A bath, a coffee maker, and a Freeview box.

(I feel “and a cuddly toy” coming on.)

But no, this isn’t a list of Generation Game prizes but in fact, just some of the stranger items found on our beaches last year during Marks & Spencer’s Big Beach Clean-up.

Who brings a bath to the beach anyway?

In 2013, a whopping 9,000 people volunteered and collected 4,000 bin bags full of litter, covering

300km of beaches and canals across the U.K.

Most of the litter collected was common waste items such as fishing nets, ropes and bottles tops- but there was even a HM Prison Service toothbrush!

Litter on our beaches not only looks unattractive but is a serious threat to those who enjoy the great outdoors.

Broken bottles and sanitary waste pose a real danger to beach walkers, while items such as discarded fishing nets are a risk to our divers, surfers and boaters.

(And I don’t even have to mention how litter is also killing our wildlife and marine life.)

Now, here’s how you can help!

This year’s M&S Big Beach Clean-up will tackle litter on four beaches here in Northern Ireland, which are:

  • Loughshore Park, Jordanstown – Thursday 24th April at 10am
  • Portstewart Strand – Friday 25th April at 10am
  • Ballyholme, Bangor – Saturday 26th April at 11am
  • Warrenpoint, Newry – Sunday 27th April at 12 noon

The UK target is to clear more than last year’s massive haul of 30 tonnes of litter.

If you want to put that in perspective – it’s the equivalent weight of two double decker buses!

There’s also a nice little incentive (apart from helping the environment) – a £5 M&S voucher on the day if you register in advance at

Come on, get involved and save NI’s outdoors!

Beverley Magowan
Beverley Magowan  Senior Marketing Officer

Beverley used to be a keen horse rider but since joining a local cycle club in 2013 she has developed a passion for 2 wheels instead of 4 hoofs! Meaning she can often be found on a bike exploring the roads across the country!

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