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Mourne Mountains - A Walkers View

Posted on November 29, 2013 @ 1:00 PM in Walking

We asked Hikers Blog to put together some of their best shots from their walking in the Mourne Mountains and here’s what they came up with.  I think you’ll agree the results are pretty impressive showing that sometimes a walkers view really is the best!


Binnian Sunrise - Eamonn Patton

After a great camp I took this photo of my friend John standing silhouetted during a beautiful sunrise on Slieve Binnian . This photo was featured in a double page spread in Trail Magazine.


Annalong Valley

Annalong Valley - Ed Benton

I took this photo after a really enjoyable hike from Annalong Wood, up the valley into Newcastle. The weather was fantastic, with just the occasional light shower. The winding track, secluded rock pools and mountain views made it all truly memorable and the view near the end in the picture above made it worth every step.


Man Meets Mountain - Ed Benton

Slieve Lamagan is my favourite Mourne Mountain. Its rocky character and steep profile are unique in the Mournes and it is a formidable climb which demands respect.  My friend Dave is pictured walking the path towards Lamagan, absolutely dwarfed by its immensity and power. For me Lamagan has a unique appeal no other mountain can match.


 Alpine Conditions on Slieve Bearnagh - John Surginor

This photo was taken during the heavy snow in mid April this year. A friend, Eamonn stands on Slieve Bearnagh taking in the snow blanketed peaks of the Mournes, a rare and magical sight.



Dawn on Binnian - John Surginor

Slieve Binnian is definitely my favourite Mountain and nothing captures why like this photo. My two friends Spud and Catriona are pictured on the path up Binnian as the sun rises behind them, casting a beautiful golden light right across the Mournes. In this occasion rising early was definitely worth it.


Sundews - Eamonn Patton

Often in the mountains the dramatic views in the distance blind us to the beauty which lies beneath our feet. Take for example this beautiful Sundew, an insect eating plant with special appendages for catching its prey.


Red Sky - Oisin Patenall

We had been walking all day, and it was getting late and we still had a brave distance to cover to complete the Mourne Wall Challenge. We were rushing to pick up the pace and keeping our heads down, when gradually the bright glare of the summer sun started to fade and was replaced with a soft orange glow bouncing off the land all around us. It brought with it a peaceful atmosphere, which made me stop and just stand there, as if trying to absorb the moment.


Hen Mountain

Towards Hen - Oisin Patenall

It had been raining all day, and the skies had only ever changed colour from grey to dark grey. Then out of nowhere, the clouds cleared, the sky shone blue and Hen Mountain lit up in a golden light that only an autumnal evening sun can bring. It was a beautiful sight and changed the dreary atmosphere of the day


High Mournes From Eagle - Spud O'Hare

This shot was taken on a bright crisp Sunday morning from eagle mountain in the western mournes, I love the fact you can see all the high mournes, gives a real sense of the scale of the mountains.


Frozen Solitude - Spud O'Hare

This shot was taken on a very cold day from the stile at the bog of Donard, I like it because of the sense of frozen isolation, we were the only 2 people there at that time, and it really seemed like we had the frozen mountains to ourselves.

If these fantastic shots have inspired you to get out and experience the views first hand then make sure to visit for route descriptions, maps, transport and facility information for over 230 quality walks in Northern Ireland. 

Hikers Blog
Hikers Blog  Walking Enthusiasts and Blogger is a blog run by a group of Irish hiking and camping enthusiasts who can often be found exploring the Mourne Mountains and further afield. Happiest when they are outdoors they document their adventures through trip reports, videos and photos as well as offering gear reviews.

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Posted by Bob Pearce on November 30, 2013 @ 2:09 PM

A fine collection of photographs displaying the Mournes at their best. Based in Birmingham I treasure my visits to County Down and time spent walking in the Mournes

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