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The Most Generous Trails in Ireland

Posted on September 2, 2013 @ 4:39 PM in Mountainbiking

Every now and then people very kindly take time to send us their reviews and opinions of Northern Ireland's new pupose-built trail centres. We thought this particular review of the Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trails captured the essence of the place so well that we would share it with everyone. Many thanks to John McInerney for sending this through!

I first rode the Rostrevor MTB Trails in July while on holiday in the north midlands ( I'm from Wicklow). Myself and my 17 year old son rode together. I'm 54 and took up mountain biking 6 years ago - best thing I ever did. Anyway, I came back again in August this year with my son and a friend of his to ride here again. On the way up my son and I were extolling the virtues of this particular trail centre to his friend and running out of definitives when I began to wonder if we had somehow got this wrong. Is Rostrevor as incredible, as amazing, as fun as we thought?


We'll know soon, I thought as we unloaded the bikes at the trailhead. We were soon ready and started up the hard but very worthwhile initial climb on the red trail, It was a warm day and we were soon all panting and sweating and very thankful to reach the first section of singletrack. It was friendly enough to keep you working toward the higher sections and yet technical enough to wake you from the monotonous plod, plod, plod of the climb. We powered on, and soon came to a road crossing and from there up a long corkscrew hill taking us higher into the hills with beautiful views of Rostrevor and Carlingford Lough.


We drove on, with beautiful scenery and fresh air and gravel and rocks and all the things you expect when on a mountain bike on a mountain. And then it happened, the hills, the mountain, the country, the very sky just began to give. Giving long, fast, flowing, open single track where you could just let go and ride like there was nothing behind you and nothing in front except the next rock, the next berm, the next adrenalin rush, the next Yahoo, the next Yippee. Giving tight turns where your shoulder came within half an inch of a tree and your wheel a quarter of an inch from a rock. Giving long technical sections that keep you working, watching, picking every line into and out of every bend. Giving parts so smooth and flowing that you can daydream or make shopping lists. But always giving.

The conclusion we came to, was that these were the most generous trails we had ever ridden, the effort of the the initial climb was repaid time and time again by the thrill, the fun, the speed, the reward of the descent, like no other trail we've seen. We have been to Ballinastoe, Djouce, Kindlestown, Ballyhoura, Coed-y-Brenin and many unmapped trails and have firmly decided that Rostrevor will be a regular destination from now on. 10 out of 10.

Click here for more information on the Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trails powered by Chain Reaction Cycles.

John McInerney
John McInerney  Mountain Bike Enthusiast

I live in County Wicklow and I'm a member of Sorrento Cycling Club. I get out mountain biking whenever I can, but not as often as I should!

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Posted by Ben on September 22, 2013 @ 7:46 PM

Trails are awsome!! Hope there are more built. Only one bad thing is the take offs on mega mission there like 1/4 pipes. They need to be shaped out better so they don't shot u as high n as far way on past the landing

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