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Cycling as a Lifestyle Choice?

Posted on June 27, 2012 @ 5:00 PM in Cycling

Today at Forme Coaching central we reflected on the initial few months of the business.  What a rollercoaster ride it has been so far.  Many have signed up to coaching packages, already changing how they eat after nutrition consultations with Barry whilst others are riding their bikes that bit more comfortably with Chris sorting out their bike set up.  But whilst going through the business today we reflected and discussed riders who simply ride their bikes. What are we doing for them?

When I say simply...that is not to belittle or make those who don’t compete or have non competitive goals any less important.  They aren’t.  Everyone who chooses to ride a bike at whatever level is what Forme Coaching is about.  Established to always be about the bike and helping those who have a desire to improve, is our goal.  This can be a lifestyle choice of incorporating the bike into their day or weekly fitness, weight loss, a club rider who wants to improve right up to the professional rider competing in Europe. 

The only two requirements we ask of you...that you ride a bike and you want to improve...the rest is up to us. Yes we have professionals in every nook and cranny of the business but this is to ensure any support we provide comes from experienced individuals who know what they are talking about and can help you get what you want.

We don’t want to get this wrong.  We don’t want the message to not reach everyone.  Life is hectic for us all.  Being a mum of two very active young boys (5 and 7), a wife, involved in running a couple of businesses, training each week...oh! and a very important social life with cherished family and fabulous friends.  So what am I saying?!?  Without the coaching support I receive from the team I work with at Forme Coaching, how it fits in with my life, the hours I can exercise, the nutrition all helps me improve on the bike to reach personal goals.  Otherwise I would probably be still riding a bike that was too big for me and be seriously injured by now, eating and drinking the wrong things both on and off the bike and not understanding how to gradually progress in my weekly training to improve on the bike.

So please don’t rule us out that we are only about the competitive side.  We’re not.  If you have a desire to want to know more about how you can improve riding your bike to maintain a healthy quality of life, enjoy the beauty of riding a bike, the scenery and gorgeous places you can travel on your bike, the potential health benefits associated with improved fitness, weight loss...the list can go on.  We can help.  Look out for the Forme Lifestyle Package coming soon.

Mandy Collie
Mandy Collie  Director at Forme Coaching

Mandy is keen cyclist and is also a Director at Forme Coaching, a professional coaching service for cyclists.

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