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Posted on April 5, 2012 @ 12:57 PM in Adventure

OutdoorN does Segway Northern Ireland is the latest in our regular blog feature ‘ does…’ which is our opportunity to showcase the exciting outdoor activities available in Northern Ireland.

Find out how’s Beverley got on when she embarked on a Segway Session with Segway NI 

As part of Northern Ireland’s Adventureland Weekend, a couple of friends and I decided we liked the look of ‘segwaying’. Now for those of you who don’t know what segwaying is, I’d recommend you have a look at my pictures below. It’s a very hard activity to describe and I probably wouldn’t do it any justice if I tried…if this helps I have heard it been referred to as a futuristic scooter!

Segway NI

Our session wasn’t until 12noon on the Saturday so I was able to fit in my usual Saturday morning activity – a good lie in coupled with a chance to watch some Saturday Kitchen. Just after 11am myself and 3 friends (Charlotte, Cathy and Lorna) set off for Craigavon to take part on the Segway Skills Course with Segway NI. I know Craigavon wouldn’t be the first place you would think of to spend an afternoon doing activities, “it’s just full of roundabouts” I hear you say, but when we arrived at Tannaghmore Gardens, just off the motorway, there was a lovely atmosphere with lots of people out enjoying the sun either walking or cycling, putting us in the mood to enjoy our afternoon outdoors.

On our arrival the previous group were just finishing off and as we watched them take part in a small obstacle course, our first thoughts were, ‘oh no looks like we are going to be called out one by one to complete the tasks on our own’! But as soon as our session started we were quickly made to feel at ease and by that stage we were ‘chomping at the bit’ to get out to tackle the courses that were set out for us! 

Wesley was our instructor for the day and is also the owner of Segway NI, he started off the session by giving us a safety briefing and explaining how the Segways worked.  At this point I thought I was listening but I clearly wasn’t as when I was asked to get on first I managed to head towards the nearest bush! Though they really are very easy to operate because moments later I was whizzing around the gravelled area trying out my new machine to see what it could do. 

We spent the first 30 minutes or so under Wesley’s guidance completing a range of skill courses in order to build up our confidence and agility. With 4 girls all eager to win this was also a chance to see who could out do each other…our inner competitive streaks were certainly out in full force at this point!

Wesley then jumped onto a Segway of his own to guide us around an off road trail, the speed was slow to start with and gradually became faster and faster once we were all comfortable with the bumpiness of the off road trail. This was certainly the highlight of the day as I got to test the speed of the new found machine!  There I was overtaking my friend Charlotte, dirt flying up behind me, feeling like a bit of a speed demon, joking that I was the female version of Jenson Button, only to hear a loud crash from behind! Somehow she’d managed to fall off - with only her pride in tatters she got back on and we all whizzed back up to the start point…now I was thinking to myself, well at least I’ve only driven into a bush, that’s not as bad as falling off…right?

Our last quest was a small obstacle course which I thought would be a great way to get my scores up in order to beat the other girls, so off I went zig zagging between the cones, after I had reached the end of the cones, I turned round to head back to the start point and was on the ‘home straight’… or so I thought! Just before the finish line I somehow managed to fall off.  Not only did I scupper my score, I totally out did my friend in the ‘falling off’ category! You are probably thinking right now that this activity sounds dangerous but believe me Segways are probably the most secure and safe machines you could ever get on! I must have been having a bad day…I’ve never even fallen off a horse and I’ve been riding now for almost 3 years!

So the scores were counted and guess what, I came third, not bad after my ‘show piece’ at the end and if you don’t believe me I even got a nice shiny medal to prove it!

Segway NI

We all really had a super day, it was so much fun and I’ll definitely be back!

A big thanks goes to Wesley and the other guys for taking such good care of us and for giving us a day that we will never forget!

Check out’s Segway section for even more options.

Activity Provider:

Segway NI



From £20 per person – all specialist equipment provided


Beverley Magowan
Beverley Magowan  Senior Marketing Officer

Beverley used to be a keen horse rider but since joining a local cycle club in 2013 she has developed a passion for 2 wheels instead of 4 hoofs! Meaning she can often be found on a bike exploring the roads across the country!

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