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Trannish Island Bothy – A look through the keyhole

Posted on March 7, 2012 @ 12:37 PM in Canoeing

The launch of Trannish Island Bothy has added yet another feather to the cap of the award winning Lough Erne Canoe Trail.

The bothy which was officially opened on Friday 9th March 2012 will be available for it’s first guests from Easter 2012.  So make your bookings early, as demand is already very high.  


Trannish Island is situated on Upper Lough Erne and the closest designated access point is from the Share Discovery Village (Number 9) who also mange the bothy.  Depending on wind direction the bothy is approximately a 45 minute paddle from the centre.

However it is not necessary to paddle from the centre, Trannish Island is well placed on the trail and key code access means you can go directly to the island on your journey north or south along the trail.

This ‘Through the Keyhole’ preview showcases the facilities available for paddlers in this restored cottage.

The bothy is situated a short walk from the landing site, a dredged harbour with slipway access – this is indicated clearly from the water by a tall Red Indian style Totem Pole.  The bothy is not visible from the water but a short walk along a gravel path will bring you its secluded location within the trees.  There is a small shed just through the first gate to hang your wet gear and store equipment to save you having to carry it to the bothy.

The front door leads to the communal area with kitchen facilities and wood burning stove.  There is cold running water in the sink but note that the gas cooker is not available to guests so it is important you bring your own means of cooking.  This communal area along with all the other rooms are well lit naturally by south facing skylights, however you will need to bring your own lights for night time. Again the electric lights powered by a generator are not available to guests.  

There are two side rooms.  The first situated behind the fire place could easily sleep six people side by side on the raised wooden floor.  The bench and coat hooks provide ample storage place.

The second room is situated on the other side of the communal area.  The twin level flooring is suitable can sleep three people on each level.

Fire wood should also be brought along to fuel the wood burning stove however from time to time SHARE will undertake small amounts of tree thinning and pruning as part of ongoing management.  Feel free to use any branches you find laying on the ground but please do not cut any branches from the trees.

There is a substantial campsite outside the bothy, unfortunately we do not have any photos as this area was being re landscaped during our visit.  Once the grass has been resown this will provide and excellent flat campsite with shelter from the trees.

Both bothy residents and campers can make use on the covered BBQ areas, self composting toilets and showers (heated by solar power).


As the pictures clearly show this bothy and campsite will provide a fantastic overnight experience but it will require the complete cooperation of all visitors to help with maintenance and upkeep.  To maximise yours and others experience on Trannish please familarise yourself with the bookings notes.

All bookings for the bothy should be made by via the Share Discovery Village.



Chris Scott
Chris Scott

When not boring everyone about his little kids’ latest antics, Chris enjoys sailing and cycling, if only to offset his love of eating out and Marlborough Cabernet Sauvignon..

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