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Record chasers paddle NI Coastline

Posted on May 13, 2011 @ 4:28 PM in Canoeing

It seems like kayak circumnavigators of Ireland are just like buses,  you wait for ages for one and then two turn up!

Elaine 'Shooter' Alexander


Following our recent coverage of Elaine ‘Shooter’ Alexander’s challenge to become the first Northern Irish woman to circumnavigate Ireland by kayak we have come across another pair trying to break the Irish kayaking circumnavigation record. 

Whilst Elaine has captured the attention of the local media, Jeff Allen and Harry Whelan have some what slipped under the radar.  Perhaps this is because of the pace they are moving at.  

The duo are trying to break the long standing 33-day circumnavigation record set in 1990 by Mick O’Meara, Dermot Blount, Brian Fanning and Karl Heery.

Currently they are en route to Dublin having made short work of Northern Ireland’s coastline paddling from Portrush to Carlingford in about 5 days.  Today marks day 22 so with 11 more days to go they look odds on to break the record – but with a lot of water to cover I don’t think anybody will be placing bets just yet.  

You can follow Elaine on and Jeff & Harry on



Chris Scott
Chris Scott

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