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Northern Ireland – Combining the beauty with outdoor fun

Posted on July 22, 2010 @ 3:23 PM in Adventure

Only as you grow older do you begin to appreciate the beauty of Northern Ireland.  The good news is that there are so many outdoor activities which allow you to experience these inspirational settings with your family. 

In the past kids were content to drive along the dramatic North Coast for the reward of playing with their bucket and spade on Portrush Strand; or through the foothills of the awe-inspiring Mourne Mountains to get that stick of Rock.  But as you probably know times have changed and whilst you want to take in the beauty of Northern Ireland the kids want action at all times.

Outdoor activities allow you the combine that beauty with action so everybody is happy.  Best of all parents can take part and have all those memories to treasure.


Causeway Coast

Northern Ireland has over 400 miles of beautiful coastline, with highlights including the rugged North Coast and peaceful Lecale Coast between Strangford and Newcastle.

The Northern Irish coastline lends itself perfectly to coasteering which is essentially walking, scrambling, jumping, swimming and sometimes crawling, around the otherwise inaccessible coastline.  In fact a recently produced short film  disclosed that Robert the Bruce invented coasteering whilst hiding out on Rathlin Island!

There are some great opportunities to try out coasteering over the next few months




North Coast

Arclinis Outdoor Adventure

The Adventure Team


County Down

Clearsky Adventure Centre 









If you don’t fancy getting in the water why not go on a Strangford Sea Safari.  This is a fantastic opportunity to take in the sites and sounds of Strangford Lough aboard a high speed RIB. 


Lakes & Rivers

Lough Erne

Northern Ireland is a maze of lakes and rivers providing that great combination of scenery and serenity but also a great watersports playground.

Canoeing offers a great avenue for family fun and there is a wealth of experienced canoeing providers offering a wide range of events throughout Northern Ireland.



Bouldering involves scrambling up a rivers and sometimes waterfalls, Bloody Bridge near Newcastle is Northern Ireland’s top venue.  But don’t worry if you are a beginner, you can start off on easy climbs and jumps and build up to the bigger ones once you gain confidence.  To give bouldering a go check out

Action Outdoors




Portstewart Strand

Northern Ireland is blessed with several Blue Flag beaches but as mentioned earlier, beach holidays are no longer about buckets and spades. So this year transform your beach holiday by taking a surfing lesson with the kids. The North Coast provides excellent conditions for the beginner and also an opportunity to the watch the experts.


To give surfing a go check out:Surfing

Alive Surf School 


TK Surf School Portrush 






Hills and Mountains

Mourne Mountains

When you mention to many parents about bringing their family to the Mourne Mountains they looked shocked with the thought of letting the kids loose in the mountains.

But never fear there are many ways to enjoy this beautiful area without venturing too far into the hills. 

Mountain Boarding will really get those pulses racing.  Just like skiing or snowboarding you can begin with instruction on lower slopes but before you know it you’ll be racing the kids on your all terrain board.  For lessons see Surfin’ Dirt Mountain Boarding.


Mountain Boarding

Get your feet off the ground and learn to climb under the watchful eye and guidance of experienced local experts.  Challenge yourself to new heights, learn to climb and abseil.  Choose from artificial climb towers or the real thing!

The following providers are offering up and coming climbing events

Action Outdoors 



Hidden Gems

Try out Grass Sledging at Delamont Country Park.  Similar to the snow toboggans, the sledges run on caterpillar tracks so no snow is required.  Don’t tell the kids but adults will have the advantage – the heavier you are the faster you will go.


Grass Sledging

Try out Caving and explore Fermanagh’s subterranean world.  Don your boiler suit, helmet and head lamp and go underground with a qualified guide who will show you and your family a whole world you didn’t even know existed.  Corralea Activity Centre are the local experts.

This list is not exclusive so be sure to check out  for more details or Find Us on Facebook to get regular updates.



Chris Scott
Chris Scott

When not boring everyone about his little kids’ latest antics, Chris enjoys sailing and cycling, if only to offset his love of eating out and Marlborough Cabernet Sauvignon..

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Posted by Amy on September 3, 2010 @ 12:20 PM

Outdoor is always fun, it has never been boring for me that's why I agree with you. I loved going outdoors ever since I was young and I am still going to places whenever I have the time and money. Thanks for sharing the post.

Posted by Peak District Rock Climbing on September 30, 2010 @ 2:09 PM

Haha! Great. Those boards look like a lot of fun!

Posted by Bob the trail running shoes lover on February 26, 2011 @ 10:05 AM

Little champs had a lot of fun. Man! I miss those days.

Posted by Holiday Cottages on March 15, 2011 @ 10:40 AM

Wow i liked the hills and mountain pics.Amazing to watch and it is nice to see all these kids enjoying .

Posted by Holiday Homes on March 31, 2011 @ 11:11 AM

I love Northern ireland sue to its history and heritage.I would love to see historic castles of Ireland.Thanks for sharing thee pics.

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